Walk Your Pet Month

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After having a night full of parties on New Year’s Eve, you sure need to burn off all those extra drinks and foods you consume. And what’s better than the next day, which kickstarts the month of January. A month that is all about dog walking. January gives you and your dog a perfect opportunity to start your day with a BANG and reinvigorate your New Year’s desires and resolutions. So, get out of your comfy zone, and without minding the chilly atmosphere, give yourself and your dog a treat in the pretense of an early morning walk because there lie many benefits for both you and your pet in this month of awareness.

History Behind This Walk Your Pet Month

It all started when the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention released their report back then in 2017. According to the APOP survey, around 56% of dogs suffered from obesity. This accounts for more than 50.2 million dogs worldwide. 

The founder of APOP said, “The cases of clinical obesity among pets are continuously rising.” 

He added, “Now more pets suffer from clinical obesity rather than overweight. The former is often dangerous because clinical obesity causes other secondary diseases like high blood pressure, kidney diseases, arthritis, and other forms of cancer. Moreover, shorter life span and poor quality of life are also seen among clinical obesity sufferers. “That is why exercise and daily walks are recommended to every dog owner because dog walking prevents diseases like obesity. January was chosen to celebrate this national day because of its sub-zero temperature. Because if someone can take their dogs on a walk during this cold month, they can do it all the time!

Benefits of Walk Your Pet Month

We, humans, have deeply immersed ourselves in technology, especially during the COVID-19. Our eyes are connected to the computer screens all day long, and we are stick to the chairs. 

“Too busy” is the one thought that comes to our mind when we think of going outdoor. 

Perhaps, the reason why this “walk your dog month” exist is to remind us that there is no greater wealth than the health of both ours and our dog.

So, how should we remain healthy?  Just Walk.

Walking has a tremendous impact on our bodies. It not only has a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being but also protects us from countless health diseases. For dogs, walking is an excellent source of cardiovascular fitness, strengthening muscles and bones, lowering blood pressure and stress level. Moreover, during this month, you will find a lot of people out there walking their dogs. Mingling is the most fantastic part of walk your dog month. Some would be from your neighborhood, while others would be new faces. 

Your dog will also meet its friends or make a few new ones during this venture. You may also mingle with many dog walkers, and it would be wise to remain in contact with a few in case you need their services in the future.

Some Things to Remember During Dog Walking:

  • Never stray from public zones.
  • Wear yourself and your dog some bright and well-colored clothes/accessories.
  • Always take some fresh water with you.
  • Protect your dog’s feet from rough terrains and wash them after returning home.
  • Make sure to see that your dog is warm and cozy.


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