Safe Pet Toys & Gifts Month


The month of December not only marks the end of the year but is also celebrated as safe pet toys and gifts month. It is common knowledge that pets, especially cats and dogs, are die-hard fans of toys and would do anything to get their hands on them.

However, what many pet parents don’t know is how destructive these pet toys can actually be. If the pet toys are not correctly chosen and not properly supervised, it can cause a lot of harm to your beloved dog as it did to poor dog Bella.

Although this surely doesn’t mean that we should deprive our beloved pets of their toys, we only need to be more vigilant while choosing them.

Buying Safe Toys For Your Pet


Every pet parent should know which pet toys are suitable for their furry friends and which are not. Here, we will tell you all the know-how of choosing a safe pet toy while avoiding common mistakes:

Look Out For Things That Can be Swallowed

The first thing that every pet parent ought to do while choosing a safe pet toy is to ensure that the toy does not contain items that can be swallowed. Toys containing things like buttons, eyes, strings, etc., are not recommended since pets can easily swallow them.

Avoid Hard Chewable Toys

Toys that are too hard can harm your pet’s teeth. Therefore, it is recommended by many veterinarians to avoid hard chewable toys. A simple trick to check whether a toy is too hard or not is by pressing your fingernail on it. If the pet toy doesn’t budge then, it’s wise not to choose it.

Do Not Let Your Pet Play With String-Like Toys

No matter how tempting they seem, it’s always good to avoid toys that are made of strings or rope. The dangers of suffocation and swallowing are always there when playing with string-like toys. In the worst case, if your pet swallowed a string, it can be deadly for your pet’s small intestine.

Never Use Rawhide Pet Toys

Despite the “100% safe.” advertisement rawhide toys come with, to be on the safer side, it’s wise to avoid them at all costs.  Although a natural alternative to synthetic toys, rawhide causes not only dental damage but also severe gastrointestinal diseases if swallowed. Since rawhide can easily be divided into small pieces, there is a high chance of swallowing them compared to other pet toys.

Don’t Give Children Toys to Your Pets.

Instead of buying new pet toys, a more straightforward thing would be utilizing your used children’s toys. However, the catch is children’s toys aren’t suited for pets. According to Jennifer Freeman, a renowned veterinarian, “Toys that are not specifically meant for pets are not built to withstand pet teeth, making them easier to rip apart.”

Toys to Give Your Pets


Many toys in the market can serve as ideal pet toys. Plush toys, squeaky toys, soft chewable toys, interactive puzzles, puzzle feeders, etc., are all the options you can choose from. Since a pet isn’t much concerned about the toy’s shape but more about how it moves, you can also DIY a homemade toy for your furry friend. The only thing you need to make sure of is that it falls under the “safe” criteria. With this said, it’s advisable to choose a safe toy according to your pet’s size. For example, your dog wouldn’t be able to play with a ball that is too big for him.

Thus, don’t forget to gift your pet a toy this December — safe pet toys and gifts month.






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