How To Help A Pet In Need

This time last year, shelters everywhere were rejoicing as their kennels were emptied by excited new pet owners. Unfortunately, 2021 has told a different story.

Between natural disasters, housing instability, and nationwide health issues – shelters are once again reaching capacity and doing their best to make room for all the pets in need.  Nora Vondrell, the President and CEO of SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center, is quoted saying “It’s like an impossible game of Tetris – only it’s not an amusement, there are lives at stake.” 

SICSA, which stands for the Society for the Improvement of Conditions of Stray Animals, is seeing dozens of surrender requests every week.  As our country goes through an extremely unprecedented time in history, people are being evicted or left homeless after disaster strikes. They may also be rendered unable to work and provide for their pet. No matter the circumstance, if you have the capacity, now is the time to consider fostering or adopting a pet in your community. 

Here are just a few ways that you can help a pet in need:

  1. Adopt a Pet! This is, of course, the most obvious way to assist with over-crowding conditions. If you have been considering adding a pet to your family, now is the time! Pets available at shelters are desperate for love and attention and up to date on all shots and vaccines.                                                                                                  ALWAYS REMEMBER – ADOPT DON’T SHOP! 
  2. Not able to make a permanent addition to your home but have some free time and space on your hands? Reach out to your local shelters and rescues about fostering a furry friend. This is a great way to have some company and free up space in the shelters to make room for more pets to be saved. Some organizations even allow you to foster a pet for just a day or weekend, so they can get some fresh air and you can see if the foster/pet parent life is right for you.
  3. Not everyone is able to bring a new animal into their life. That is completely understandable, and it is important, to be honest with yourself. Whether it be a chaotic personal/work life or a pet-free apartment complex, sometimes you are just not able to bring a pet home. If this is you, don’t worry! You can still help out in plenty of ways. One great option is donating supplies! Shelters and rescues everywhere are in desperate need of food, toys, and other supplies for the pets they house. Most of them have an Amazon Wish List you can purchase from, but if not feel free to donate funds instead. 
  4. If you’re tight on cash but still looking for a way to give back, donate your time! Spend an evening or weekend volunteering for a shelter or rescue. They’ll be thankful your there helping out, and you’ll get to spend some quality time with some fur babies – it’s a win-win!

Be sure to contact your local shelter or rescue organizations to find out what their current needs are



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