Adopt A Guinea Pig Month

Guinea Pig

It’s March, and It is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month.

If you are in a search to foster a new family pet, then look no further because there is not a better time to adopt a rescued guinea pig than March.

Wait, what? Can Guinea Pigs also be Rescued and Adopted?? YES.

They can be rescued, adopted, and often are. This is one of the most frequently asked questions. In fact, one thing that most people do not know is that mostly all local shelters have rescued guinea pigs that can quickly be adopted. The horrifying truth of today is that every animal species can run into a dire need of getting rescued and adopted. Sometimes guinea pigs are left all alone, get abandoned in the empty houses, families move away, get thrown out of the house, or simply children become bored of them.
That is why Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month is observed in March to give people an idea that there are hundreds of thousands of guinea pigs waiting for the right family to adopt them.

5 Reasons To Adopt A Guinea Pig And Not Buy.

adopt a guinea pig

There are numerous reasons to have an adopted guinea pig or cavy (another name for guinea pigs) at home. Few are described below:

No Gender-Confusion

When adopting a rescued guinea pig, there won’t be any ambiguity when it comes to gender. If you are adopting two guinea pigs, they will be of the same gender as you want. Rescue shelters would not make any mishap of sending you a same-sex pair instead of a mixed-sex pair.

Adopted Guinea Pigs are much Healthier.

Rescue groups have experienced people who know how to care for an animal. They are knowledgeable about the slightest symptom and would not hand you over a sick guinea pig. So, you don’t have to worry about getting a cavy who has some sort of life-threatening disease or whatsoever when adopting a rescued guinea pig.

No Pregnant Cavies Can Be Adopted.

When it comes to adopting a guinea pig, do not worry, no pregnant cavy will arrive in your share. Actually, no pregnant guinea pigs at all are given for adoption. Rescuers are wise people who carefully put an unneutered female cavy with an unspayed male cavy. In case of pregnancy, the rescuers will put the female guinea pig under constant care and vigilance.

You Name it. You Get it!

Rescue shelters have a large variety of animals available, and the same goes for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs come in varying shapes and sizes. To be exact, there are almost thirteen breeds of guinea pigs in total. It’s all depending on your liking and preference, you can get cavy of any age, shape, color, and size. Some might prefer a goofy, sensitive guinea pig, while others might want a mature cavy for them. So, you name it, and you got it.

Rescue Groups Are Usually Honest And Upfront With You

Like many shop sellers, rescuers aren’t going to get into your head. Their primary mission is not just to sell guinea pigs but to find the best home for them. So, shelter people will judge you, and if they think that you are not ready or if your home is overly crowded, they will ask you to come back later when you have a firm and resolute mind.



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