We’re about creating an interactive, Omnichannel Media platform that speaks to the Heart and Soul of Pets and their People Too! Now find your adventure among like minds, stay connected and join the only App and Online Community where Pet Parents Meet!

Janel Young


What is Pet Cult?

Pet Cult Media is a one-of-a-kind platform that combines both streaming and social commerce, bringing pet owners and their pets together wherever they are, at any time! Pet owners can binge on TV shows, movies, podcasts, and receive On-Demand Delivery from pet brands/services based on their preferences and/or companion pet via online or app. Our goal is to assist pet parents in forming long-lasting relationships with others while also providing access to home-delivered goods and services with only a swipe of a finger!

Here’s Our Story…

Janel Young, the Founder, started the idea of Pet Cult Media since 2020 as a result of the great impact on her lifestyle due to Covid-19. Like many other families and their pets, required lockdowns made physical mobility, personal interaction, and shopping very restricted and isolated. She took note of how her own pets were being affected adversely as well. After much research and talking with other pet parents, many were experiencing similar results. Much of the distress was due to a lack of pet-friendly social interaction, education, and entertainment. Pet Cult Media fulfills that need in keeping pet families interactive while having access to essential pet items, services and much more!

Pet Cult Family

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