The Community for Pets and Their People Too!

Pet Cult is a one-of-a-kind global streaming network and social commerce platform for pet owners and their pets. We strive to deliver an intriguing variety of animal entertainment on a regular basis by creating a pet-friendly ecosystem that includes a varied range of pet-themed shows, films, and reality television from new artists and innovators.

We are also an omnichannel e-commerce platform for pet owners looking to collaborate with fresh and innovative businesses that share our enthusiasm for animals. If you are one of us, hit us up!

This all-in-one platform designed by veterinarians, pet professionals, and pet lovers, provides a variety of services in the areas of entertainment, shopping, and pet care from the comfort of your own home. With one paw swipe, you and your pet(s) are all set!

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Why You'll Love It

Our platform is the first of its kind. We understand how the pandemic has affected your community and your pets. As people crave social interaction and a new sense of normality, we’ve created a safe place for people to come together, celebrate shared passions, while providing a range of pet-friendly entertainment, lifestyle, shopping experiences designed for you.

It's Awesome

We’re so glad you found us, and we think you and your pet will be too! As you get to know us and our mission, we hope you’ll come along with us on this interactive journey. If you have a pet business/service or pet show you would like to see or create, let us know!

World-Class Support

Our Pet Parent Assistants are available 24/7 to handle any of your requests, technical issues, or feedback to ensure you receive the best on-demand and pet care services in every area our customized platform offers you.

Pretty Sweet Right?

An All-in-One platform designed by veterinarians, pet professionals, and pet lovers just like you! Our mission is to offer multiple streamlines of services in entertainment, social shopping, and pet care services from the comfort of your home. With one paw swipe, you and your pet are set!

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